is delighted to announce that $MPC has PASSED a CERTIK Smart contract audit review

First 3.0 Decentralized Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain:

When taking steps to ensure you are backing the correct project, one of the most important things to look for is a smart contract security audit. $MPC team is pleased to report that MPC has passed all critical sections audited by a world renowned security firm, CERTIK. This is a very important step for MPC, and any serious / dedicated cryptocurrency project in general. A smart contract audit will seek to test and challenge the code of the contract in a variety of ways. This will highlight any operational, technical, and/or cyber risks to which the contract might be exposed. This process includes deliberate break testing of the contract, including, but not limited to, extensive simulated attacks.

Audit Summary

CKP-03 | Token Minted To Centralized Address

Metaplace smart contract do not have any critical findings in audit report. In context about Major finding they found one which is Centralization /Privilege. In other words Token Minted To Centralized Address Team certik ask our feedback which is as following:


MPC has staking utility which requires to transfer tokens from main contract to staking contract that is why token minted to owner address in order to ensure tokens transfer. For security and safety team MPC will transfer tokens to staking contract and lock rest of the tokens on launchpad.

Minor/Informational Findings

CKP-04 | Missing Input Validation
CKP-05 | Unused Event
CKP-06 | No Chance To Change Allowance


From the team: findings that not related to tokens utility do not need to address.

Final Report here: Certik Audit Report
Certik Audit Page

About Certik:

Certik is a security company looking to utilize topnotch formal verification technology in collaboration with some of the best cybersecurity experts to create end-to-end services. On its website, Certik claims that it has audited over 188,000 lines of codes and secured over $6.32 billion worth of assets. The team offers to mathematically validate the safety of smart contracts. Certik audited the smart contracts for several projects like Pancakeswap, Aave, and Polygon Matic.

Certik is official partner of Binance and is supported by prominent investors, including Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners and DHVC.

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Metaplace is a 3.0 decentralized marketplace built on Binance smart chain. Metaplace enhances the transparency of trade through incorporating metaverse on.

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Metaplace is a 3.0 decentralized marketplace built on Binance smart chain. Metaplace enhances the transparency of trade through incorporating metaverse on.

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